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Moana (2016) Info

Moana is a 2016 American 3D computer-animated musical adventure film produced and distributed by Walt Disney Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures. The residents of the Polynesian island of Motunui revere the goddess of nature Te Fiti, who gave life to the ocean long ago by utilizing a pounamu stone as her heart and source of power. The movie tells the story of Moana, a spirited teenager who sets sail on a daring mission to save her people.

Maui, the shape-shifting demigod of the wind and sea and master of sailing, steals the heart to bestow the power of creation on humanity. Te Fiti, on the other hand, disintegrates, and Maui is attacked offshore by Te K, a volcanic monster. He loses both his magical gigantic fishhook and his heart in the sea.

A thousand years later, the ocean chooses Moana, daughter of Motunui’s chief Tui, to return the heart to Te Fiti. Tui and Sina, Moana’s mother, want to keep her away from the sea to prepare her for the position of chief of the island. A blight attacks the island sixteen years later, damaging vegetation and reducing the fish catch. Moana suggests venturing outside the island’s reef to find more fish and learn more about what’s going on, but Tui forbids it. Moana tries conquering the reef but is overpowered by the tides and shipwrecked back to Motunui.

The Storyline of the Movie

The storyline of the movie Moana follows the journey of a young girl named Moana, who is the daughter of the chief of her tribe on the island of Motunui. Moana is drawn to the ocean from a young age, despite her father’s warnings that it is dangerous and should be avoided.

As Moana grows up, she learns that her people are facing a crisis. The island’s crops are dying, fish are becoming scarce, and it seems that a curse has befallen them. Moana discovers that the cause of the curse is the theft of the heart of the goddess Te Fiti, a powerful artifact that holds the key to restoring balance to the world.

Determined to save her people, Moana sets out on a quest to find the demigod Maui, who she believes can help her find Te Fiti and restore the heart. Maui is a legendary figure who is said to have stolen the heart in the first place, and he is initially reluctant to help Moana. However, she eventually persuades him to join her on her journey.

As they travel across the ocean, Moana and Maui face many challenges, including battles with a giant crab and a fiery monster. They also develop a close bond as they learn from each other and overcome their obstacles.

As Moana and Maui journey together, they face several setbacks and challenges, including being shipwrecked on an island where they encounter the Coconut Pirates and almost losing Maui’s magical fish hook.

Along the way, Moana learns about her ancestors and the history of her people, which inspires her to be brave and persevere despite obstacles. She also discovers her own identity and her true calling, realizing that she is destined to become a wayfinder like her ancestors and lead her people.

Meanwhile, Maui struggles with his own identity and his past mistakes, including his role in stealing the heart of Te Fiti. He learns to let go of his ego and accept help from Moana, ultimately finding redemption and restoring his relationship with the gods.

As they near their destination, Moana and Maui face their toughest challenge yet: Te Ka, a lava monster who guards the island of Te Fiti and seeks to destroy anyone who tries to restore the heart. Moana realizes that Te Ka is a corrupted version of the goddess Te Fiti and that the only way to defeat her is to return the heart.

In the climactic scene, Moana uses her connection with the ocean and her newfound wayfinding skills to navigate through Te Ka’s fiery attacks and reach Te Fiti. With Maui’s help, she restores the heart, and Te Fiti returns to her true form, restoring the balance of nature and healing the world.

Conclusion of the Movie

The conclusion of the movie Moana is a triumphant one. Moana succeeds in her quest to restore the heart of Te Fiti and lift the curse that has been plaguing her people. She returns to her island as a hero, having discovered her true identity and her destiny as a Wayfinder and leader.

Through her journey, Moana learns about the importance of perseverance, bravery, and following one’s heart. She also gains a deeper understanding of her ancestors and the history of her people, which helps her to guide them toward a better future.

The movie also emphasizes the importance of teamwork and the power of friendship. Moana and Maui may have started as reluctant allies, but they developed a deep bond and helped each other to overcome their obstacles.

The conclusion of the movie is a heartwarming and inspiring one. Moana’s journey is one of self-discovery and growth, and she emerges from it as a strong and capable leader, ready to face whatever challenges lie ahead.

My Opinion of the Movie

After Watching this Movie, I can tell you that many people have enjoyed the movie Moana for its beautiful animation, catchy music, and inspiring message about following your heart and discovering your true identity. The movie has been praised for its portrayal of Polynesian culture and mythology, as well as its strong and empowering female protagonist.

Many viewers have also appreciated the themes of teamwork and friendship, as well as the important lesson that it’s okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from them and keep moving forward. Overall, Moana is a movie that has touched the hearts of many people and has become a beloved classic in the Disney canon.

Moana 2016 Hindi

Moana 2016 Hindi



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