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Doraemon The Movie Stand By Me

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Doraemon The Movie Stand By Me Hindi Movie Info

Name: Stand by Me Doraemon
(Hindi Dubbed as Doraemon The Movie Stand by Me)
Release Year: 2o14 (Hindi Release 2016)
Quality: 720P
Language: Hindi

Nobita Nobi is a fourth-grader who is continually failing his courses owing to his lethargy and is regularly ridiculed by his classmates Suneo Honekawa and Takeshi “Gian” Goda. Sewashi, his great-great grandson from the 22nd century who observes him every day, travels to Nobita’s timeline with his robotic cat Doraemon.

Sewashi reveals that if Nobita continues his act, he will marry Gian’s sister Jaiko, have his private firm burned down, and be left with a large debt. To get around this, he instructs Doraemon to assist Nobita, changing Doraemon’s nose so that he cannot return to the future unless Nobita gains a better future.

Doraemon, who was hesitant until the threat, reveals his gadgets to help Nobita, which greatly benefits him. Despite Doraemon’s warning not to become too reliant on his devices, Nobita asks Doraemon to assist him in wooing his crush Shizuka “Sue” Minamoto, whom Doraemon explains is the one Nobita will marry if his future is changed.

All of his efforts, however, result in Shizuka becoming closer to the ace student, Hidetoshi Dekisugi. Nobita’s attempt to catch up to Dekisugi by studying harder fails, and he resolves to let go of Shizuka in order to make her happy. He accomplishes this by upskirting Shizuka, exposing her knickers. Shizuka arrives at the Nobi residence, convinced that he is preparing to commit himself.

Doraemon The Movie Stand By MeDoraemon The Movie Stand By Me

Doraemon The Movie Stand By Me Hindi Download




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