Nobita’s New Dinosaur (2020) English Subbed Download

New Dinosaur

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Doraemon: Nobita’s New Dinosaur Info

Full Name: Doraemon: Nobita’s New Dinosaur (2020)
Size: Multi
Quality: 480P/720P
Release Year: 2020
Language:  Japanese ( English Subbed)

Nobita, who went to the dinosaur exhibition with his pals, makes a promise to them during a simulation of a fossil excavation that if they don’t find a dinosaur, he will eat peanuts with his eyes. He trips on a rock as he is leaving the excavation experience and thinks he has uncovered a fossil egg. After returning home, he persuades Doraemon to use a “time wrapping cloth” on the fossil egg, which caused twin dinosaurs to hatch.

They are a brand-new species of dinosaurs that are not included in the “Complete Encyclopaedia of Space,” according to Doraemon. Nobita gave the identical dinosaurs the names Kyu and Myu, and with Dr. Dinosaur’s help, he learned how to take care of them. The two quickly growing animals gradually differentiated themselves. Myu has mastered flight, although Kyu hasn’t and is smaller than Myu. Nobita’s room was insufficient for Kyu and Myu as they grew larger, so they employed the “Breeding diorama set” to give them greater freedom. When Nobita finally carried out his challenge, his pals arrived to find that he had in fact located a dinosaur.

Nobita’s mother came upstairs as a result of the disturbance caused by Kyu and Myu at this point. They used the “spatial movement crayon” to try to conceal Kyu and Myu, but the villagers could see them. They understood Kyu and Myu had grown to their potential and needed to go back to their own era. Although Nobita struggled to accept this, he thought it might be the wisest course of action. The five of them entered the time machine.

New DinosaurNew Dinosaur

Doraemon: Nobita’s New Dinosaur (2020) Download



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