Doraemon Nobita’s Little Space War Hindi Download 720P HD

Doraemon Nobita's Little Space War

Doraemon Nobita’s Little Space War Hindi Download Dubbed is a feature-length Doraemon film that premiered in Japan on March 16, 1985. As the title suggests, the film is a spoof of George Lucas’ original Star Wars trilogy, with a few aspects from his 1984 film Return of the Jedi thrown in for good measure. Tsutomu Shibayama directs the film. Tetsuya Takeda sings the theme song for this film. It’s the 6th Doraemon film. Download More Doraemon Movies From Our Website.

Doraemon Nobita’s Little Space War Movie Info

  • Name: Doraemon Nobita’s Little Space War
  • Release Year: 1985 (Hindi Release 5 December 2010)
  • Quality: 720P HD
  • Language: Hindi
  • Size: 830MB

The film begins with a prologue depicting a conflict on a distant planet in which the president is evacuated aboard a rocket. The action then turns to Earth, where Nobita is evicted by Gian and Suneo for ruining the set of the space movie they are filming. Nobita runs to Doraemon, and the two team up to make their film with Shizuka.

During filming, Nobita discovers what appears to be a toy rocket. Papi, a little humanoid extraterrestrial, is discovered in Nobita and Doraemon’s chamber later that night. Papi can communicate with the Earth children using Translation Jelly (akin to Doraemon’s version) and reveals that he is being pursued by a frightening foe.

Nobita and his friends reassure him that he would be secure at their home, and they play together by shrinking themselves to Papi’s size using Doraemon’s Small Light. Nobita and his friends swear to safeguard Papi and conceal him in a secret base built with a Doraemon gadget.

The PCIA battleship manages to infiltrate the base and kidnap Shizuka, as well as steal the Small Light and prevent the children from returning to their normal size.

PCIA leader Dorakuru leaves a message demanding Papi in exchange for Shizuka’s freedom. While the children rewire Suneo’s model tanks for flight and fight, Papi leaves alone to surrender himself. Papi’s faithful dog Rokoroko appears while he is giving himself in, but it is too late to save him. The dog and Shizuka rejoin the others, and they decide to use the same rocket that delivered Papi to Earth to journey to Pirika.

Doraemon Nobita’s Little Space War Hindi Download/Watch

Doraemon Nobita's Little Space WarDoraemon Nobita's Little Space War



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